Real Estate

Do you have real estate set in an expertly landscaped environment, or in a wilderness location?  Real Estate aerial photography has already started to be a mainstream component for higher end properties here in Middle Tennessee.  In one shot, the potential buyer can immediately see that the house has a pool, the number of outbuildings and gardens without having to click through a couple of dozen photos.  Realtors have long wanted that "one special shot" that will stop potential buyers in their tracks with its magnificence, but it was too costly in the past to hire helicopters or planes.  Now that process is much more affordable!


Are you planning a wedding?  Weddings held in natural settings like beaches, cliff-tops and gardens can be beautifully captured with aerial photography.  In the same way that videos became an option that couples added to their still photos and albums without even blinking, so will aerial photography in the future.  Call Steve today and book your special day, with a view from the heaven's.


Rock concerts, dog and horse shows, county fairs and parades all have the potential for aerial photography.  These events can now be streamed "LIVE" right into your website the day of the big event.

Golf Course Digest

Golf courses? Yes, golf courses. Imagine a custom DVD or online video digest on your entire golf course, hole by hole. Study each hole; the distance, the hazards, the rough, all from the comfort of your couch. Master each hole in your mind's eye, plan each shot. What iron will you use, will you use a wood from the tee, which one? Watch, study, plan. That's what an aerial video digest of your golf course can do. Have you ever wanted to give your members an AWESOME Christmas gift, or maybe birthday, or how about on their membership anniversary date. A breathtaking view of their golf course, from the air, in all it's splendor and beauty, would make the perfect gift. And once complete, you can make as many copies as you'd like, for as many members...or potential members, as you'd like. Call us today, and find out just how special we can make your golf course, from the air!


Businesses are now using aerial video to survey sites prior to, and during construction.  This allows a bird's eye view of the project, useful in planning and collaboration of projects with associates in other parts of the country, and world.


Dronies?  What's a dronie?  Basically a dronie is an aerial selfie.  It may include just you and a friend at some special place, or your entire company.  What a great way to capture a special event!  Imagine an 150 person selfie, crazy huh?  But very memorable and fun!  Call us today and schedule your dronie today.  

Search & Rescue

Tennessee Drone Video will always make themselves available to find a loved one that may be lost. Please contact the local authorities, and coordinate with them first, then call us with the name of the officer in charge, that we may contact them immediately to offer our service. We do this at NO COST, and as a public service to our community.

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