Drone Buying Guide for the beginner

February 2017- I get asked quite frequently which drone would I recommend for the beginner.  Many times it’s a parent asking for a teenager, or a woman asking as a gift for her husband.  Here’s my advice, broken down by price, because obviously, the higher the price, the better the drone.  But I’ve seen drones purchased for $200, that were pretty lame, and a little bit of guidance would have saved the person some money, or gotten them a much better drone.  So here goes.

Just FYI, these all have links to eBay, because eBay is by far the cheapest place to purchase them, cheaper than Amazon, or Gearbest.  Also, if you want to get more information, or detailed reviews, just type the model number into YouTube.  There’s a great reviewer on YouTube too, his channel is:  Quadcopter101, you can’t go wrong with his advice.

$50 range:

Syma X5HW:  At this price range, and as a starter, I highly recommend the Syma X5HW, has altitude hold, FPV (first person video), great durability, good controller and more.

Syma X5HC:  Same as the Syma X5HW (above) minus the FPV (first person video), and it’s a little cheaper.  I personally own this one, and love it for just having fun!  And FYI, the FPV (first person video) on the X5HW is pretty cool, but it cuts way down on the quadcopters range and speed.

$100 range:

Syma X8SW:  Bigger model, the size of a DJI Phantom, with Altitude Hold, One Key Liftoff, 720p video, and more.

Hubsan X4 Desire H502E:  Altitude hold, GPS (yes, GPS hold), one button return to home, 720p HD camera, and more.

Coming Soon:  Hubsan X4 STAR PRO H507A, this is possibly going to blow away ALL other $100 quadcopters, here’s a link to a preview.

$200-400 range:

This gets tougher here, because if I’m going to spend $200 or $300, I’d probably go with the DJI Phantom (see below).  But to give you something around $200-400, here you go…

Hubsan X4 H502S:  Similar to the X4 H502E, but BETTER.  This has FPV (that works great according to reviews), longer range, good video and picture quality.  For this price (around $175 actually), you can’t beat this model.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard:  Now we’re getting into the real deal, the semi-pro models.  The best deal (with a warranty) is to purchase a refurbished model from the manufacturer DJI.  This has all the features you want, one key return, GPS, FPV, good range, one key take-off, 20-25 minute flight time, pretty fast speed (maybe 30mph), and more.

So there you go, these are my quick picks based upon what your budget will allow.  Please email me if you have any other questions, and go have some fun flying your own drone!